Providing Awareness of Gluten Free Living

Nairn’s have introduced some new gluten free products in their range for coeliacs including oatcakes, muesli and porridge. Gluten Free Help has sampled some and gives its verdict here Further reviews will follow.

We will also be holding a competition to giveaway some of their products, so watch this space. 

Nutritionist Christine Bailey has provided some recipes for you to try. Click here to view.

A Film opportunity

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It isn’t very often you get something free. Gluten free help in partnership with the author is giving away 5 copies of her new book to five lucky readers.

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Hurry not to miss out!

I noticed on a recent trip to Italy that there seems to be an increasing range of gluten free products available, both at supermarkets and restaurants. I think it’s a great plus for coeliacs that they are now able to enjoy foods such as gluten free italian pizza, biscuits and bread that would have been previously offlimits.


Tasty Breakfast

Get off to a good start!

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Awareness required

It seems to me that many restaurants and takeaways do not highlight which of their food items contain gluten. This is surprising as with current labelling laws it should be easy for them to know which of their products contain gluten. How difficult can it be to highlight a gluten free choice.

Check out Antoinette Savill`s scrumptious Gluten Free recipes. The January recipe is bound to get your taste buds tingling. Maybe Gluten Free is not so bad after all?

Gluten free in USA

Some of the foods that we associate with the USA such as crispy deep dish pizzas, the succulent new york deli sandwiches and juicy burgers are some treats that however are not gluten free. So this can leave a coeliac missing out and I do wonder how well the USA food establishments cater for coeliacs?

I read recently that researchers at Umeå University in Sweden and the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa have found that approximately 2 million children worldwide suffer with coeliac disease, 40,000 of which die each year due to the failure of being diagnosed. A frightening figure. Full details of the figures can be seen in the journal PLOS ONE

Feeling Tired?

One of the most common symptoms that sufferers of coeliac disease come across is a lack of vitality or energy. Feeling tired and a general lack of energy can be a classic symptom of coeliac disease. So if you are losing your mojo then maybe you need to see your Gp. Of course there are many other reasons tiredness can occur. Studies show that not all symptoms such as gut problems need be present for individuals with  coeliac disease.