Providing Awareness of Gluten Free Living

Fish and chips, or chicken tikka masala? The dishes that most Brits have gotten to love. But… are they gluten free? There are various fish and chip shops that claim to provide gluten free portions. Without disputing any of these, it should be borne in mind that to be gluten free there must be no cross contamination. I.e. the chips should be fried in oil that was not previously used to fry gluten containing products such as fish with batter or battered sausage. Having come through that hurdle, lets not forget the  barley malt vinegar which is  usually fine as barley protein is removed during processing thus removing the gluten, (Spirit or balsamic is also  fine). I am sure though that a good gluten free supplier of fish and chips knows this.

Chicken tikka masala should be be more straightforward. What can go wrong with the usual spices, herbs or marinades used? Generally it should not be difficult to prepare a gluten free version, as most ingredients are naturally gluten free. But some do use wheat flour to thicken the masala, or stock cubes to add extra flavour. Always check! Gram flour (chickpea flour) and cornflour is fine.

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  1. I personally feel a great deal uncertainty when ordering fish and chips and indian takeaways. It seems that in certain cases cross contamination issues are not fully considered. It would be good if food outlets are aware of both what its in their food as well as the environment in which it is prepared.

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