Providing Awareness of Gluten Free Living

Gluten free pasta?

Through trying many varieties of pasta and remembering what wheat based pasta tasted like, it can be said that much progress has been made in producing in a gluten fre alternative by different manufactuerers. Thankfully they are now a far cry from the early corn based abominations, some of them at least!

Although the taste is not bad, expect the water that the pasta is cooked in to become rather cloudy. I have also noticed that the cooking times do not allow for much margin of error. Italians expect their pasta to be cooked “al dente” which literally means to the tooth, so pasta should retain a firm bite when eaten. It should not represent a floury wallpaper like paste. The south of Italy, and commonly in the Campania region which includes the city of Naples, pasta is traditionally served with a tomato based sauce and basil.  It is a dish that oozes freshness and simplicity, yet making fresh gluten free pasta is tricky.

Trying to prevent the dough from breaking up is difficult, but adding xanthan gum or even an egg to the gluten free flour is one way that can help. Delicateness and subtlety when handling the dough are the order of the day, and with perseverance it will work out! Don’t forget though that in Italy most people eat the dried variety of pasta and not fresh.

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