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Feeling Tired?

One of the most common symptoms that sufferers of coeliac disease come across is a lack of vitality or energy. Feeling tired and a general lack of energy can be a classic symptom of coeliac disease. So if you are losing your mojo then maybe you need to see your Gp. Of course there are many other reasons tiredness can occur. Studies show that not all symptoms such as gut problems need be present for individuals with  coeliac disease.

Gluten free recipes

We all know how difficult it can be to find recipes for coeliacs that not only taste good but are tried and tested and are already enjoyed by many. Gluten free help is pleased to have sourced some wonderful recipes that will have you coming back for more!

We now have a section of the website dedicated to a selection of gluten free recipes from some of today’s most accomplished culinary talents.

We will be including, at a later date, recipes from an award winning, acclaimed italian chef.  Watch this space!
Pippa Kendrick’s Chocolate Muffins

Glutenfreehelp forum

We have recently launched a forum at It can also be accessed via the website Feel free to comment on any posts or create a topic of your own.

Understanding Gluten Free

It is refreshing to see that many more people nowadays seem to be aware of gluten free products, influenced no doubt by supermarket free from aisles. Unfortunately it seems that not all catering industries reflect that. Hopefully thats changing as well.